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What is the optimal way to use NeoStrata products?
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What are the benefits of using NeoStrata products?
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How do Alpha Hydroxy acids work?

Alpha Hydroxy acids work as exfoliants. They accelerate the skin’s natural shedding process (which slows down as we get older) and encourage the skin to shed the surface coating of dead cells and replace them with new ones at a faster rate. Alpha Hydroxy acids are discriminatory exfoliaters, since they only remove the dead cells and allow the live, healthy ones to remain. The difference between physical exfoliants, such as scrubs or loofahs, and chemical exfoliants, such as AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy acids), is that the former apply force to physically remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, while the latter exfoliate by breaking up the intercellular glue that causes skin cells to stick together. In the first few weeks of use you may experience a slight dryness or flakiness; as your new healthier skin cells surface, the flakiness will be replaced with radiant new skin. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and fine lines will begin to fade. Glycolic acid is the AHA of choice.

What are the benefits of using Alpha Hydroxy acid products (glycolic acid is the AHA of choice)?
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture and tone
  • Effectively moisturize dry and severely dry skin over time
  • Help manage oily and acne skin problems
  • Minimize pore size
  • Help reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots
What should I avoid while using AHA/glycolic acid products?
  • Avoid the use of alkaline (pH of 7 or higher) cleansers, foundation, etc. in conjunction with an AHA product. It will negate the acid component within the AHA, thus making it less effective. If you must use an alkaline product, wait 15 minutes before or after application of your AHA
  • Avoid the use harsh scrubs and cleansing grains
  • Avoid or minimize prolonged sun exposure (tanning) as it tends to negate the positive effects of AHA's
How do I choose an effective AHA/glycolic acid product?
  • Type of AHA: Glycolic acid is the AHA of choice. Its small molecular size makes it effective in removing the build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin.
  • The percentage of AHA/glycolic acid should be in the range of 4% or higher 
  • Glycolic acid formulation should be acidic - pH 3.5 to 4.0 is optimal


Can I use NeoStrata products if I am pregnant or nursing?

Most of NeoStrata products are safe to use while you are pregnant or nursing. The use of glycolic acid with levels up to 10% on a daily basis during pregnancy or nursing is considered to be very safe by the medical community. However, during this time, your body is going through significant changes and your skin may be more sensitive to glycolic acid. Do not use products containing hydroquinone, salicylic acid or retinol while you are nursing, pregnant or if you intend to become pregnant within 3 months of use as these ingredients may be harmful if used in high concentrations or over large areas of the body during pregnancy. These ingredients are found in the following NeoStrata products: HQPLUS Lightening Cream, HQPLUS Lightening Gel, HQ Lightening Gel,Blemish Spot Gel, Toning Solution level 2, Anti-Wrinkle Night Complex, Wrinkle Repair, Daytime Wrinkle Repair, Anti-Wrinkle Lip Enhancer and Dark Circle Night Serum. If you want to address hyperpigmentation while pregnant or nursing, the NeoStrata Spot Lightener is safe to use, since it is formulated with botanical ingredients.

How will I know when a product is expired?

In order for a cosmetic product to maintain its optimal efficacy it should be used within one year after it has been opened. Most products do not have an expiry date; however, Health Canada does require products containing active ingredients, such as a sunscreen, to have an expiry date.

Is retinol the same as retin-A?
No, it is not. Retin-A (a drug) works at the deeper levels of the skin (the dermis) whereas retinol, the purest form of vitamin A, works on the epidermis helping to keep the skin radiant and clear. Many patients and consumers cannot tolerate retin-A as their skin becomes too sensitive. Retinol is a widely recommended and effective alternative.
I have just started using products with retinol, is it normal that my skin is dryer?

Yes, this is normal. Gradually introduce retinol to your skin care regimen so your skin can build tolerance. You may also choose to layer products containing retinol with moisturizers from the category that best suits your skin care concerns: FIRMING, ANTI-WRINKLE, EXFOLIATING or MOISTURIZING.

Why is the toner unnecessary while using the NeoStrata skin care line?

A toner is a cosmetic step that is used for two reasons: 

  1. To normalize the skin’s pH, if you have used a cleanser whose pH is Alkaline. NeoStrata cleansers have an acidic or neutral pH, so this step becomes unnecessary.
  2. If you have used a tissue-off cleanser to remove makeup and are concerned that extra residue may be left behind.
Are NeoStrata products tested on animals?

NeoStrata does not test its products on animals. However, our products are composed of raw materials that come from international suppliers; therefore, we cannot guarantee that the raw materials were not tested on animals. This is the case for all cosmetic companies.

How often should I use NeoStrata products for best results?

NeoStrata products should be used twice daily, both morning and evening for best results or as indicated on the packaging. The Intense formulations are more potent for more persistent skin care concerns.

Why does my skin tingle upon application of products with AHA's?

You may experience a tingling sensation while your skin adjusts to glycolic acid. This has nothing to do with the product working. Other factors may contribute to a slight tingling sensation upon application such as fatigue, a sunburn or even the common cold or allergies. However, if you experience irritation simply rinse off the product and discontinue use.

Tip: If you experience skin sensitivity when using one of our products with glycolic acid, suspend its use for a few days and resume usage at a less frequent rate. It is recommended to slowly build your skin tolerance.

I have just started using glycolic acid and I’m experiencing more blemishes, is this normal?
Glycolic acid is the AHA of choice. This small molecular size makes it effective in removing the build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin. You may experience more blemishes for a period of time when beginning to use NeoStrata products with glycolic acid, as your pores are not completely unclogged causing the blemishes to appear. The solution is to continue using the glycolic acid products and your skin will normalize.
Who should use Skin Brightener and how should it be applied?

This product is ideal for consumers of all skin types, usually over the age of 30, suffering from loss of radiance. Skin Brightener should be applied on moist skin to activate and release the vitamin C from its silicone base. Simply apply alone or layer it with any other NeoStrata product, even one containing glycolic acid!

What products should I use to address loss of firmness?

Use products within the NeoStrata FIRMING Category: Eye Contour Firming Cream, Daytime Firming Lotion, Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream, Instant Tightening Serum, and Firming Cream.

What should I do, if I have more than one skin concern?

If you are faced with several skin concerns build a regimen by drawing from 2 NeoStrata categories, i.e. for dullness & wrinkles, select at least one product from the EXFOLIATING category and another from the ANTI-WRINKLE category. All NeoStrata products are complementary. For more information on how to layer products together, please refer to the TIPS section.

How should I use the Skin Renewal Peel?

Moisten a cotton pad completely using the dropper and apply evenly. Gently massage for 10-15 seconds. Leave on for 5-15 minutes, then rinse. This product can be used 3-7 times weekly on face, décolleté and hands.

How does Wrinkle Repair compare against a leading competitor?
Wrinkle Repair is:
  • 11 times more effective at repairing deep wrinkles
  • 2.5 times better at reducing wrinkles

    Product tested in an independent double-blind study, twice daily application for 3 months
What makes Skin Brightener so effective?
  • Contains 20% vitamin C, the highest percentage available on the market  
  • Formulated with L-ascorbic acid, the form of vitamin C dermatologists recommend most 
  • Unlike many other vitamin C products, it is fully stable
I am having problems with the pump of the Skin Brightener, how can I fix this problem?

Tap the bottom of the pump, in order to get the mechanism working properly.

When should I use the Spot Lightener and when should I use HQ products?

NeoStrata Spot Lightener should be used if you are pregnant or nursing, have fair or sensitive skin. NeoStrata HQ products should be used if you have medium to dark skin or if you have dark spots.

The HQPLUS Lightening Cream darkened after a few weeks of opening the tube, is it still safe to use?

Hydroquinone, an ingredient found in NeoStrata HQ products, is very sensitive to air which may result in a brownish color once exposed; however, this will not interfere with the efficacy of the cream. To avoid this, ensure the lid is tightly closed after every use.

What product replaced the Matifying renewal fluid?

The Oil Free Smoothing Lotion Level 3 replaced the Matifying renewal fluid. It contains 10% glycolic acid to deeply exfoliate the skin and remove the build-up of dead skin cells. The light textured lotion is quickly absorbed and hydrates the skin.